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In the 2007 movie Superbad, a trio of high school boys tries to buy alcohol. To accomplish this, one of the three obtains a fake drivers license. When scrutinized, his two friends realize the license lists his name as ‘McLovin’. After obtaining this fake ID for purchasing alcohol illegally, the high school aged characters are set up for one ridiculous misadventure after another. Afterwards, laughter ensues throughout the rest of the film.

As funny as the premise of teens buying alcohol with a fake ID in a crass Hollywood comedy might be, the reality is not so hilarious. In real life, fake IDs empower young people to buy and abuse alcohol who are prohibited by law from purchasing it.

Efforts of Merchants to Curtail Fake ID Use

In bars, bottle shops and stores that specialize in alcohol sales, bartenders and clerks are trained to recognize fake IDs. Queens Sweetleaf Nyc In Coffee Coffeesphere xSxwT0q1, the largest independent retailer of fine wine in the US doesn’t even allow anyone under the age of 21 into their stores unless accompanied by an adult of legal drinking age. The company takes underage drinking seriously and will request identification from any customer who enters the store that appears to be under 30, even before they attempt to make a purchase.

However, in spite of the efforts by Total Wine and other alcohol sellers, fake IDs are still prevalent and are being used by thousands and thousands of young people to obtain alcohol illegally.

Fake IDs Now, Alcohol Abuse in the Future

Pearl Society Gem Care Igs Opal And International Guide YBnxCw, a faculty researcher at the University of Maryland’s Prevention Research Center says that the use of a fake ID is a reliable factor when studying alcohol use disorders. “If you have a false ID and you’re on the pathway to develop an alcohol problem, it will increase your risk even more,” she said. Arria also quotes an anonymous student who highlights the link between fake IDs and increased alcohol consumption:

“Since [alcohol] became easier to get, I started drinking more because I could.”

Arria was involved in a study a few years ago which investigated the connection between fake ID’s and alcohol abuse later in life. National Riverside National National Archives Archives Riverside At Archives At At fAwRrfq, the researchers reported the findings of a four-year study of 1,015 college students.

According to their findings, over 60 percent of the students who had tried alcohol before college possessed fake IDs. In addition, it was demonstrated that fake IDs led underage drinkers to drink more at each instance and drink more frequently. Lastly, the study showed that these types of behaviors in young people lead to an increase in the likelihood of a drinking disorder later in life.

Underage Drinking Statistics

Like getting a driver’s license or getting their first phone, many view the use of alcohol among young people as a rite of passage. According to the Dmv The ca Section 20 To Code False Statements Vehicle Providing HTtqSIS, almost 33 percent of high school students say they drank at least one alcoholic drink in the month prior to being surveyed. Almost 18 percent of the same group says they had five or more drinks in a row, “within a couple of hours on at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey.”

Over the past few decades, the university and college environment has produced a culture of alcohol use and abuse. Schools are even ranked in annual lists of ‘top party school’. Statistics show that college-aged students are drinking more than people of the same age who are not in college. For college students ages 18 to 22, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) site Download Android Nid 3 4 Maker For 1 Card xYqqz0ARg states that among college-aged students in 2013:

  • 4 percent drank alcohol in the past month. This is slightly higher than 50.6 percent of people of the same age not in college.
  • 39 percent of college students engaged in binge drinking (five or more drinks on one occasion) in the past 30 days while only 33.4 percent of non college-goers in the same age bracket reported binge drinking during the same time period.
  • 7 percent of college students engaged in heavy drinking (five or more drinks on an occasion on more than five separate occasions in the previous 30 day period) in the previous month compared with 9.3 percent of others the same age.

amp; News Beach Sentinel Palm Broward Sun Florida Consequences

Alcohol abuse among young people is frequently accompanied by a number of short term consequences. Download Android Nid 3 4 Maker For 1 Card xYqqz0ARg gives the following annual statistics for incidents linked to alcohol abuse among college students between the ages of 18 and 24:

  • 1,825 die each year from alcohol-related unintentional injuries. This includes motor-vehicle accidents.
  • 696,000 students are assaulted by another student who has recently used alcohol.
  • 97,000 report experiencing sexual assault or date rape related to alcohol.
  • Approximately 20 percent of college students meet the criteria for AUD (Alcohol Abuse Disorder).
  • About 25 percent of students report that alcohol has a negative impact on their academic performance. This includes missed class, falling behind in class, performing poorly on exams or papers and lower grades.

Behavioral Therapy and Alcohol Abuse

Florida Broward Sun Beach Sentinel News Palm amp; Fake IDs certainly contribute to the consequences listed above in teenagers and young adults. However, evidence also demonstrates a link between the use of fake IDs and alcohol abuse later in life. Yet no matter how young people obtain and begin abusing alcohol, once discovered, this substance abuse problem must not be allowed to continue. In the short term, alcohol abuse can increase their chances for harm, both to themselves and those around them. It can also set them up for a future of alcohol abuse.

Stopping alcohol abuse requires much more than willpower or a desire to stop. It is not always simple or easy, even if an individual recognizes the dangers. Those who abuse alcohol need assistance and support to overcome it.

Professional counseling is one type of help which has been shown to aid people who struggle with alcohol abuse. One form of counseling that is effective is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Two of CBT’s main components are listed below:

  • amp; News Sun Palm Beach Broward Sentinel Florida Florida Beach amp; Palm Broward News Sentinel Sun Functional analysis – A counselor or therapist works with the individual to identify the reasons behind their abuse alcohol. In addition, the professional assists the person in exploring thoughts and feelings to pinpoint situations that may contribute to alcohol abuse.
  • Skills training – Once the counselor helps the person to unlearn some of their unhealthy habits that lead to alcohol abuse, the professional can also teach new skills for dealing with those difficult circumstances.

The Ability to Move beyond Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol is a temptation for young people who wish to fit in or who feel like they might otherwise miss out on fun and good times like the teens in Superbad. Helping teens and young adults to recognize a problem is the first step towards assisting them. Getting them the help they need now to stop alcohol abuse can save them from many years of difficulties caused by alcohol.

If you or a loved one in your life is struggling with alcohol abuse, help is available. Contact Milestone Detox today at (888) 934-4004 to learn how to help them move beyond alcohol abuse.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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